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We provide compassionate, quality, affirming psychiatric services to children ages 8+, adolescents, teens, and adults.  Our office is located in Severna Park and serves those throughout the state of Maryland.

Our Services

Quality Treatment You Deserve By People Who Care...


Medication Management

We view each patient as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated.  We listen to your needs and work together to come up with a plan exclusively designed for you.



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Bipolar Disorder

Extreme mood swings can affect sleep, energy, activity, judgment, behavior and the ability to think clearly.  With treatment and healthy choices, you can keep symptoms under control and spend more of your time enjoying your life.


 Individual & Couples Therapy

Our office is dedicated to building long-lasting relationships based on trust and integrity.  We provide a supportive environment you can count on.



Everyone feels sad from time to time.  If your sadness persists, it may be depression.   Depression can negatively affect how you feel, the way you think, and how you act. Fortunately, even the most severe depression is treatable.


Intrusive feelings are sensations that can make us confused and fearful, and patterns of unwanted thoughts and fears can lead to repetitive behaviors.  You are not alone.  It may be time to talk to someone who can help.

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Tele-Psychiatry & Therapy

Through advances in technology, we're able to offer access to quality behavioral health services from the comfort and safety of your home throughout Maryland.



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Trauma & PTSD

Trauma comes in many forms and daily stress can trigger emotions and feelings from the past.  We offer trauma-focused care in a supportive environment including the newest therapeutic modality, Brainspotting, to help you heal without re-experiencing your trauma

Fear and anxiety that last a short time, then pass, can be healthy.  When it lasts too long, doesn't go away, or results in panic or anxiety attacks, it can take over your life.   Take steps to feel better and take back your life today.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is one of the most common conditions effecting children but can also affect adults. Symptoms of ADHD may include the inability to stay focused, hyperactivity, and behavior issues.

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